Sambutan Warga Emas

In order to raise the awareness of SJKC Brinchang kids about how important it is to appreciate the old folks, a celebration has been held on Tuesday, September 27, 2016. The celebration was held in SJKC Brinchang hall. It was held in conjunction with Lantern Festival.

PIBG members busy preparing the tea for the celebration. 
Tea drinking is significant event in this wonderful celebration

Performance by Year 3 pupils

Kids from preschool were not forgotten, they were also given a chance to stage their own performance, especially for the old folks

Pupils of Year 1 were also putting up a great performance

Class of Year 5 with their own performance

Pupils from Year 2

And pupils of Year 6 also took part in the performance.

What's more interesting?

Parents were also showing their artistic side by putting up an applaudable performance
to show their love and appreciation towards the old folks who shown up that evening.

Yummy cake prepared exclusively for the celebration

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